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■ Overview.This app is while listening to the guidance of the tourist attractions in the native voice, over a variety of tourist attractions app.You'll get a sightseeing tour experience unprecedented.■ How to use.Various tourist spots will appear when you open the app.Once you have narrowed down in the interests tag and You are here, ready for sightseeing tours OK.It will induction to the nearest tourist spot in the current location.Route to the tourist spots I can be found in the map.While listening to the native voice of tourist guide, let's head to tourist spots by tracing the route.If you go up to near the tourist spot, it will be announced in the alert.Such as in walking or bus or train or boat, we will go out on location around the sightseeing tours.
■ FeatureNative speech, 4 Quai languages (Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese) are supported.When approaching the tourist spot let me know in the alarm.Route I find up to tourist attractions.You can register your favorite spot.
■ Tourist spotsFunayado of houseboat that traffic there and the bridge over the Sumida River is the center, but it is scheduled to go to post content of the future, various regions.